Rebel was founded by Mark Freedman in 2022 with the mission of improving the security posture of private sector businesses.

Today, private sector companies face a wide range of threats from foreign nation states, terrorist groups, criminals, and lone individuals. Traditional approaches to corporate security have failed. Most companies treat security as a tactical discipline, fail to anticipate emerging risks, stove-pipe security functions from one another, and avoid engagement with government agencies. It is not surprising that companies regularly suffer serious incidents.

Rebel exists to break this cycle. We help our clients think strategically about security and risk, keep them informed on the most pressing global and national security issues, and facilitate proactive engagement with government and industry stakeholders. We are guiding businesses to true security and resilience.

Rebel is a boutique consulting network led by Mark Freedman and leveraging seasoned experts in security, intelligence, and geopolitics. Rebel retains access to former senior US national security officials, including Ambassadors, CIA chiefs of station, and FBI senior executives.


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