Rebel provides premium consulting services focused on security risk management, geopolitics, and national security.


No matter where you are in your business journey or what new challenge has emerged, we can help you enhance your approach to security and geopolitical issues. Whether you need to develop an overarching security strategy, stand up a new corporate function on geopolitical risk, or take a fresh look at how you’re preparing for emerging threats, our strategy services can help you achieve your objectives with confidence.

While strategy engagements can take many forms, we typically apply a combination of management consulting techniques – like deep research and analysis, stakeholder interviews, and facilitated exercises – to diagnose your organization’s challenges, develop recommended solutions, and help you craft the strategies and plans you need to succeed.

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Geopolitical & National Security Analysis

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore geopolitical and national security issues. Deepening US-China tensions, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, conflict in the Middle East, and global trends in politics, war, and technology are impacting business operations around the world and here at home. Our geopolitical and national security analysis services are designed to help you navigate these challenges and seize opportunity.

We help business leaders understand global affairs through briefings and written products, leveraging our unique network of former Ambassadors and other senior national security officials. We also go beyond providing insight to work side-by-side with you to craft your organization’s response, whether that involves planning new initiatives, engaging with policymakers and the public, or developing a whole-of-business national security strategy.

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Intelligence & Risk Assessment

Business that fail to anticipate security threats are often blindsided, suffering unexpected attacks that inflict significant financial, reputational, and even physical harm. Through our intelligence and risk assessment services, we provide unique and tailored insight into the threats facing your organization. Armed with this information, you will be able to make better decisions and demonstrate a clear understanding of risk to senior management, policymakers, regulators, and the media.

Leveraging our global network of former senior CIA officers and other intelligence professionals, we provide you with custom analysis in response to specific requirements. Our products include enterprise and targeted security risk assessments as well as subject or region-specific intelligence reports and briefings. Our analysis and assessments are used to inform decision-making in the boardroom and operations around the world.

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Organizational Assessment

As businesses evolve, security and risk management programs can become unfit for purpose, exposing you to security, regulatory, and legal risk. Our organizational assessment services help you benchmark your business against industry best practices on enterprise security risk management, physical security, information security, insider threat, intelligence, geopolitical risk, and more. By understanding your gaps, we help you develop a comprehensive roadmap to increased security maturity.

Our organizational assessments often start with a current state analysis of your business’s efforts followed by a gap analysis against relevant best practices. While we can focus on a single area of security or risk, we are differentiated in our ability to help you look broadly across your enterprise. By taking a holistic view across security disciplines, we can help you eliminate hidden costs and achieve new organizational synergies.

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Workplace Violence Prevention

In 2024, workplace violence prevention plans became a legal requirement for virtually every business in the state of California. This is a watershed moment for corporate security. Never before has such a broad swath of private sector businesses faced such prescriptive statutory requirements for corporate security programs. What’s more, given California’s reputation as a national trendsetter in legal matters, workplace violence prevention programs may soon be mandatory in other states and across the country.

Our workplace violence prevention services help you develop custom-tailored plans, policies, procedures, training, and operations to meet the requirements of California SB 553 and protect against a wide range of threats. By leveraging our capabilities in strategy, risk assessment, and planning, we are able to help you turn these emerging compliance requirements into opportunities for organizational optimization.

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Retained Strategic Advisory

For clients who want to operate at the leading edge of security and risk issues, we recommend our retained strategic advisory services. By functioning as an extension of your team, we are able to provide custom-tailored support in your desired focus areas on an ongoing basis and help your business anticipate, adapt, and evolve ahead of emerging challenges. We accept a small number of retained strategic advisory clients to enable the highest level of support.

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