Large and Mid-Sized Enterprises

Fortune 500, multinational, and mid-market companies often seek our services following a security incident, merger, new market expansion, or in response to a new regulatory requirement.

These events can render security practices insufficient or outdated, and invite significant attention from the C-suite and regulatory authorities.

For these clients, we serve as an expert advisor and consultant to provide an objective perspective on security posture and help determine a way forward.

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Startups come to us as they experience growth and realize they need a more comprehensive approach to security and risk management.

This is critical for startups in emerging technology sectors, such as AI, quantum, and autonomous systems, which have national security applications and are actively targeted by foreign adversaries.

In these cases, we help our clients set the foundation for sustainable security and resilience through continued growth.

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Industry Associations

Trade and business associations engage our services when global security issues become relevant to their members and policy agendas in Washington.

In recent years, we have seen the impact of global and national security on a wide range of industries, including energy, technology, manufacturing, and transportation.

We help industry associations maintain their impact by shaping policy recommendations, best practices, and engagement in Washington and around world.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Investors require our services when conducting due diligence on companies in energy, defense, technology, and other critical infrastructure sectors.

These companies are actively targeted by foreign adversaries seeking to steal intellectual property and sabotage infrastructure and face mounting regulations and compliance requirements.

We help these investors assess target company ability to mitigate security risks and advise on security improvements that can protect the investment for the long-term.

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